The Dungeon Twister Walkthrough will guide you through this new turn based strategy game in which you will need to use all your skills, magic objects, rotating rooms. In Dungeon Twister is crucial that you implement a good strategy to complete and defeat the main boss of the game and you will need to implement all the tips and hints that you see in the below video guides below.

In Dungeon Twister you can't afford to make any mistakes and you have 8 characters to choose from and each of them have special powers like Mekanork that you can cobble mechanisms together and rotat rooms in any direction,  the Wizard casts devastating fireballs; the Wall-walker can move through walls… It’s up to you to use their skills of each of them to make it thorugh all the different types of challenges that the game give you. Just follow the Dungeon Twister Walkthrough that will provide you with the best strategy to completing the game. 

Part 1      

Dungeon Twister ps3 gameplay training 1-2



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