Dokuro Walkthrough and Wiki Guide


Dokuro Walkthrough will guide you through all the levels in the gameplay.

dokuro walkthrough

Follow all the Dokuro Walkthrough in which it will guide you through all the levels and puzzles that you need to solve in the game. This new action pack game will take you from the beginning levels of our skeleton hero who becomes a powerful hero that takes on the dark lord’s, monsters by just having the blue potion that gives him all the strength of a super hero. You will see in the walkthrough that he can turn from skeleton to a great hero, each of the forms has their advantage and disadvantage in the game.  While the Skeleton form allows him to stalk about in the shadows and ensure her safe passage, the Hero form enables him to mount a gallant offensive against the armies of darkness!

You will be able to save the princess, go through 150 platform puzzles that will require some time to complete, the Dokuro walkthrough will help you solve puzzles collect coins from each level and complete all the different challenges in the game.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Dokuro - Stage 1 Walkthrough Dokuro - Stage 2 Walkthrough Dokuro - Stage 3 Walkthrough Dokuro - Stage 4 Walkthrough