Die Hard for iPad and Android is very popular


Die Hard for iPad and Android is very popular

die hard

Recently released on both Android and iOS, Die Hard came with different prices on each platform. As for tablets and smartphones androids the game was free, iOS users had to pay $0.99. Well, just five days of what was clearly an error, the application has also free for owners of iPad or iPhone .Thus ends the unfairness but what about those who paid for the game yesterday? Well, imagine your face.

The official game of the last installment of the series Die Hard or Die Hard, has had a pretty good reception among users of mobile devices. In the case of Google Play the free downloaded between 50,000 and 100,000 people. This figure is not bad for 5 days. In iOS figures but surely know that the initial differential treatment should not like anything to users and paints the number of downloads was not expected.

And is that the game itself is a freemium , ie we can make in-app purchases for improvements that will make the game really fun. In fact, although there are some that can do in rubles, the currency we get playing. There are others that also need dollars and these are earned only in-app purchases.

That is, the normal play would lead us to spend money in any way and you will usually have from the beginning been freemium.

The price difference of the games and applications between platforms is an issue already quite old. Android users usually get them cheaper. However, there have been some titles exclusively iOS has had for some time, although this is declining gradually.

The game itself is a mix between a runner , being Temple Run reference, and a shooter in first person.