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Deus Ex Human Revolution Video Review:

The story is set in 2027, Deus Ex: Human Revolution presents a world in which biomechanical human enhancements in other words human mechanical parts are an everyday thing. Human as we know have split into ones that have and those that don’t have augmentations.  

The game to me is more of a tactical shooter game as the strategy that you choose to take will impact how well you complete the video game. You can be a hero and try to go out and take the radicals with your guns, gadgets and augmentations but this will not take you too far. I will give you tree reasons why this game will not bore you.

The secret of the game lies is three very important tactics. One will be the stealth mode, which allows Adam to move through vents, stand next to walls, sneak behind the enemy and attack them with different types of combinations which gives you xp points that allow you to enhance your augmentations. We have here at a great tutorial on how to upgrade all your 21 augmentations. As you collect them they make you feel stronger and invincible. You will be able to upgrade Adam’s eyes, brain, aiming, weapons and much more.

The other tactic that you use is the cover mode which is being patient and standing behind items where the guards can’t detect you so you are able to use the stealth mode to attack them and avoid receiving heavy damage. You can also use the roll over to move from one cover spot to another, I like that this was used during the game as it makes that game feel like a mix of Metal Gear Solid and Splinter cell put together.

What is also important during the game is hacking. As you move through the game and get dipper you will need to hack networks, cameras, robots that allow you to move through the system and making you more invisible against your enemy.  There are some hackings that you will need the right augmentation to hack but don’t worry we have here at GF a full walkthrough, tutorials, on how do basic and advance hacking which will help you get through the system.

To unlock and upgrade new augmentations, you will need Praxis points. Praxis points can be found in the game in the form of Praxis Kits; which, they can be bought from LIMB clinics, after gathering the necessary experience points you will be rewarded with a Praxis point and then can upgrade, unlock and hack different items. To find a full list and how to unlock augmentation, head over to GF.  Aiming and weapon accuracy is no longer affected by player, is done by the character statistics, arm augmentations and weapons stats. 

The Graphics in Deus ex human revolution are not that impressive, the game lacks details on the in the movements of characters and are too stiff and lack more realism which is nothing close to LA Noire.  The sound of the game is better than the graphics as you are able to listen to small details like your footsteps when you are doing the stealth mode. Firing your gun, fighting and sound that surround the game could have been better.

The plot of the game is to be admire in a world where everyone is finding a way to get augmentations you see humans that have augmentations and those that don’t. The game will not bored you as it keeps you involved throughout the whole game by hacking, making decisions, using stealth mode and collecting XP points to increase your augmentations and more. The games lacks in graphics, sound and during the gameplay the AI could have been smarter. Overall GF gives this game 8 out of 10.

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