Deus Ex film to avoid the topic of video games

Deus Ex

Deus Ex, the cyberpunk saga began in the early 90s by Warren Spector and recently revived by Square Enix, will have a real movie, according to its leaders, try to avoid the topic of video game movies.

In an interviewto CraveOnline , director Scott Derrickson and screenwriter Robert Cargill have said they are making a movie with cyberpunk atmosphere and this will not be a rehash: ” The main thing is that we are making a cyberpunk movie, not a movie about a video game. We have taken what works in video games and what not, and in the end we are left with what the public would like to see in a movie about Deux Ex “.

The film is currently in pre-production and has been launched by CBS Films. It was announced last July and has not yet taken any decision on the casting.

Deus Ex film to avoid the topic of video games

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