Destiny Weekly June 9 Nightfall and Heroic Strike Reset

Destiny Weekly Nightfall June 9 and weekly Heroic Reset is here again and what type of different enemies and the modifiers will be going against and which weapons will you be using to complete it and which type of rewards will you be getting once you complete the Weekly Nightfall and Heroic for June 9, 2015. We will be bringing you soon what will the reset be for both strikes and what type of weapons to use to be more effective when taking on the various enemies. Also take a look at Destiny The Taken King 3rd Expansion Leaked Info.

Weekly Nightfall Strike Level 32
Board the Fallen Ketch Above the Moon and defeat Notorious taniks, the scarred

Solar Burn

Destiny Weekly Nightfall June 9

Weekly Heroic  Strike

The hive gather the darkness around them as they raise abomination from their pits within Moon

Small Arms
Strange Coins +3
Vanguard Marks +3
Vanguard Reputation +150

destiny weekly heroic 6-9-15


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