This guide will show you the Destiny Unlimited Super Glitch for Titan, Hunter, Warlock.

Today we are going to show you how to do the Destiny unlimited super glitch, this glitch will allow you to use your super anywhere and without any limits. Now there are certain things that you have to complete before getting the unlimited super glitch for any of the three classes, Titan, Warlock and Hunter in Destiny.

You can do this super glitch with your warlock hunter or Titan as you will see in the video below it was easier to do it with a Titan now it does not mean that you cannot do it with the other two classes. Now what does this Destiny super glitch allows you to do? Well it just makes things easier to do in the meantime that bungie fixes this glitch so if you don’t mind using the glitch then follow the next instructions.

What you need to do to get the Destiny super glitch is go to any map that allows you to use your Sparrow, this will only work if you go to a map that you are able to use your Sparrow. Once you find a map you are going to do the following get on your Sparrow but before you get on your Sparrow you will see the X and the progress of you going onto the Sparrow.

What you want to do is once the initiation on the X hits three-quarters of the way through you are going to hit your super. Now how do you know if you did this correctly? Well you are going to go check into your class items inventory and you will notice that you have the super enable.

  • Now do not get off your Sparrow until you’re ready to use your super
  • You can do this in any strike and probably do this in the raid

The Destiny Super Glitch allows you to get on the Sparrow and also you can complete various other tasks that were impossible to do as single player so let us know what you think and I hope this helps if not if you’re not the type of person that likes to use glitch then do not use it but if you do, then have fun. Also take a look at the video below from GF laserbolt that he takes you on through the entire steps


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