Destiny Trials of Osiris is releasing at 2 am on 10-16-15 with new inventory.

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny Trials of Osiris will be releasing at 2 am on 10-16-15 in which it bringing new weapons, gear and you can earn gear by winning 4 to 6 wins in a row and if you get to the lighthouse you will earn additional gear. Are you ready for the challenge this time around? If not take a look at the video that Cat made on the Top 5 Weapons to use for Trials of Osiris The Taken King. Take a look below a screenshot and confirm time from Bungie:

destiny trials of osiris release time 2 am


Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is a weekly Crucible event, featuring an Elimination style game type taking Character stats into account.
This playlist will be available between Friday (2:00 AM PDT/PST, 9 AM UTC) through Tuesday (2:00 AM PDT/PST, 9:00 AM UTC).
To enter Trials of Osiris, players must do the following:
• Purchase a Trials Passage from Brother Vance in the Reef
• Players may only enter the playlist if their character’s Light is at 251. (The recommended minimum Light is 290)
Trials Passages

Trials Passages track Wins, Losses, and active Passage Buffs.
• If a player loses 3 matches, the Trials Passage will be completed.
• Players may play past 9 wins on a single Trials Passage, but this will not grant additional rewards
• Buffs must be purchased from Brother Vance before playing the first game of a Passage.
Winning matches has a chance to grant Trials of Osiris specific gear. Losing matches will reward Passage Coins.
The following rewards can be earned once per week, per character:
• Trials Passage win streaks will grant rewards when a player has a total of 4 and 6 wins on a single passage
• If a player completes a single passage with 9 consecutive wins and no losses, they will be granted access to the Lighthouse for additional rewards.
• Brother Vance will also offer Weekly bounties. These will grant specific rewards for completing specific bounties.

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