In Destiny ‘s nearly 3-year history, there have been a number of temporary events and challenges, all of which offered unique rewards. If there is one that you did not manage to obtain, you will be happy that with Age of Triumph you will have a second chance to do so.

As part of the new livestream of the last event for Destiny , Bungie commented that in it players will find a Treasure of Ages, a box in which you can get the armor, emblems, gestures, masks and other objects you have missed. Also, there will be completely new objects, such as pieces of armor that will be revealed in the livestream next week. You will get these boxes when you complete certain activities, but you can also buy them from Tess Everis.

If this method fails to get the objects you want, Bungie allows you to transform them into silver powder and use it to acquire any object from the silver dust shop. Keep in mind that it is advisable to use everything you have saved, since there are no more objects on the way to Destiny.

On the other hand, Age of Triumph will begin with a new 12-step mission you will encounter when speaking with The Speaker. In doing so you will arrive at the weekly story game list, a level 380 activity where you will find several story quests. Each week of Age of Triumph you will find a special selection of quests with modifiers.

Bungie also plans to update the Nightfall game list by allowing you to get an experience boost when you complete it. This strike will have the Daybreak modifier, which will make all players and their enemies more powerful. This will be available once a month, but from July it will be available for 6 consecutive weeks.

Finally, the Elders Challenge will be available at level 390, and the first 3 times you complete them you will receive 10 legendary brands. It is important to note that this activity will not replace the existing one.

Age of Triumph will arrive in Destiny on March 28.

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