Destiny Rangefinder Glitch Increases ADS by 25 Percent in PVP after Hotfix

Welcome to another destiny update today we are going to be talking about the Destiny Rangefinder glitch this is after the Patch 2.5.0 2 in which the rangefinder ADS for the shotguns was going to be reduced by 25%. After the Destiny Patch update which was pretty much for weapons and classes and it Nerfed and buffed certain weapons along with the different three type of classes in Destiny.

We went out in the field and did a test to see if its true that rangefinder perk ads had been reduced or not. We found out that Rangefinder in the Matador and the Party Crasher along with other different type of shotguns is actually faster than before so what does this mean it means that you can use your shotgun in close encounters and since you’re going to be 25% faster you will be able to kill and destroy your opponent faster when they can if they do not have the perk enable.

Now to have the perk Destiny Rangefinder glitch you will need to enable the perk, without enabling the perk this will not work. So go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think and also if you like this glitch and if you don’t like glitches then I guess don’t try it but let us know if you like it or not.

Also below take a look at the video from GF laserbolt in which he goes into greater details on how the Destiny Rangefinder perk used to work and works now and gives a few little examples about this glitch that increases the ADS by 25%. If you are able to do this glitch please leave your comment in the section below and if want to let us know what you think about Glitches in Destiny, please go ahead.

Destiny Rangefinder GLITCH – NOW has QUICKER ADS Thanks to PVP Patch Hotfix

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