One element that Bungie has emphasized the development of Destiny 2 is to expand the list of players with the title story is that the company wants the new game transcends in other areas and not remain as a work that is considered only as a simple search for the highest possible level, Recently, the site IGN revealed information about Destiny 2 and its history.

According to information from IGN, part of the story of Destiny 2 will be told through recordings on some points of the scenario, players discover themselves as they progress in the game. The information is based on a gaming experience that took place in the Nessus planet, which has been severely affected by Vex and that one of the side quests asks players to find some audio files that account for the first explorations.

Has not yet entirely clear whether this will be the way Bungie will choose to tell the story of Destiny 2 , plus some cinematics, the truth is that the model is not alien and titles like BioShock and Metroid Prime found a good way tell part of the story through exploration, analysis and log files.

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