Let’s take a deep look at Destiny 2 PC Keyboard Controls and User Interface

Lets take a look at the Destiny 2 PC keyboard controls, commands and Menu Options that will provide you with the complete User Interface of the game and Key Mapping of it. As you will be able to see below I have outlined what keys you will be needing to use in the keyboard along with the mouse commands that you need to use when playing Destiny 2 in PC. We played the game on PC and had a good amount of time with it and we feel that controlling your guardian for the PC in Destiny 2 will have a nice transition if you had never played a PC game before.

KeyBoard Controls

F1 – Character Menu
Q – Grenade
E – Melee Attack
R – Reload Weapon

Weapon Selection

1 – Kinetic Weapon
2 – Energy Weapon
3 – Power Weapon

Tab – Summon Ghost

WASD Keys – Movement

Shift – Sprint

CTRL – Crounch and Slide

Guardian Super (Warlock Dawnblade, Hunter Arcstriker, Titan Striker) – X

Super Ability – F

Highlight Player – C

Interact – G

Class Ability – V

Jump – Space Bar

Arrow Keys (Left, Right, Up, Down) – Emotes

Mouse Commands

Left Mouse – Fire Weapon

Right Mouse – Aim

Mouse Wheel – Switch Kinetic and Energy Weapon

Let me know in the comments section below what you think about Destiny 2 coming to PC and will you be playing it on console or PC.


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