EA and Visceral Games dismembered the Dead Space 3 franchise with new features like cooperative gameplay an open world environment, but is it worth the trickle of blood and guts? Grab your plasma cutter an lets find out.

No one understands the world of video games. After the controversy raised by its developers, about the marked component of action that would have the third installment of Dead Space, we have finally been able to see for ourselves. Before we analyze every aspect of the game in detail, we want to make it clear: this is very, very similar to Dead Space 2. Nothing revolutionary concepts or substantial changes in the saga.

We find Isaac Clarke, living in a human colony trying to forget the traumatic past experiences, until he receives a visit from the “friendly” Captain Norton (yes, like antivirus) who will be our sidekick, John Carver .

The first 10 chapters of the game (of the 19 that comprise it) take place in the space, the style of the first two films, but with a very interesting novelty: we have some freedom to explore on our own. There is a transportation system that connects four spacecraft orbiting the planet Tau Volantis and we decide whether or not to fully explore.

And for the first time we  get, optional missions, we received during our group   discussions with scenarios or registering for information. The missions have a longer an acceptable playthrough, although almost it always limites us to investigate an area clean of enemies to receive a box full of juicy rewards.

One of the biggest changes in the gameplay is the lack of different types of ammunition , which greatly simplifies the management of our inventory. This shift may upset many fans of the series, it seems to lose something like “survival” that captivated millions of gamers, but has a very logical explanation.

dead space 3 weapon crafting

 Isaac can make weapons at workbenches. The system is complete with dozens of possible combinations : Fancy mixing a mower with a flamethrower? Do you prefer the “subtlety” of a rocket launcher with incendiary grenade? Then do it. In addition, we revover all kinds of accessories and circuits that change the type of ammunition and the parameters of the weapon (damage, reload speed and charger).

The progression system is slow, as it costs a lot of work to gather the materials we need, though towards the end of the adventure (and especially in our second game) becomes our daily bread. The fact that we can completely change weapon in each bank, and we do so often, is what causes that there is only one type of ammunition. Who would want to mount a new gun and not have ammo for it? Or join a type bullets and then not be able to use the new weapons? It would not make sense.

We must also mention the new enemies . On one hand we have new necromorphs that have the bodies of the inhabitants of the planet and looks a lot like a zombie to us.

 We also have the  human enemie , armed to the teeth. They can throw grenades, rockets, …although the AI is not very successful, as almost always cast as kamikazes after us, giving us many strategic option. Another thing is the final boss battles . Although somewhat repetitive (you actually have to fight one three times) are thrilling.

 dead space 3 space

The atmosphere makes you fell claustrophobic  house brand is the general trend, with the feeling of being trapped in small rooms surrounded by necromorphs, although in the chapters on the surface of the planet Tau Volantis enjoyed much more open scenarios , with several secondary zones to explore.

 You can not please the purists and perhaps too much like what we saw in Lost Planet , but also in those chapters there are a number of buildings and underground to explore, so you do not lose the essence and yes they bring variety to development. The collection of items has always been the basis of exploration in the series, this time powered by the need to find parts and materials for the manufacture of weapons, all vice.

The variety in development is another of the strengths of this release. While composing spine follows the “trinity” zero-gravity combat-exploration , we also live scenes in which we fly and shoot with our ship, we manage to annihilate turrets with dozens of necromorphs, climbing parties really fun .. .

 dead space 3 co-op

The main novelty, however, is the cooperative mode , which replaces the decaffeinated competitive battles of the second installment. The first chapters you’ll have to play alone, but since Carver joins the group you can enjoy the adventure with a friend.

We had been told it would be a revolutionary experience to give it a twist to the collaboration between players through Carver’s hallucinations. Well … well … truth is not. More than 80% of the adventure takes place as normal , with two players shooting right and left (since obviously there are more enemies) and some puzzles that change regarding the solo adventure to require us to collaborate.

The theme of the hallucinations is limited to a few optional missions (playable only in cooperative mode) in which Carver begins to see strange things: family, enemies, … It’s funny how your partner is bundled to death inside an elevator in which nothing or see how not shoot the real enemies (even more fun if we play like Carver), but is heavily exploited and developed.

All this does not mean to make it very interesting an addition to any gamer with a friend will enjoy. The downside is that you lose some of the tension to be accompanied with jokes through the micro to ease the nerves.


Graphically it looks great, especially the lighting or the beautiful scenes in zero gravity, but everything has a brutal detail: settings, characters, enemies, … The animations are still improved, but are at a good level. The load times , disguised behind doors that do not open or lifts that seem unlikely to reach the center of the Earth, they become a little heavy, but the visual feast that we expect to get is overwhelming.

As for the sound, again an example of how to be a great production. The soundtrack accompanies perfectly, enhancing the scares and moments of terror, but the palm is carried by sound effects , simply outstanding. There’s nothing like hearing strange sounds of enemies that appear just to keep us with broken ribs.


As we mentioned, despite what its developers said long ago, the game is quite enteriningWhile introducing new features like cooperative gameplay, unique ammunition or weapons building, for example, assumes no significant change in the development of the game, but we have really enjoyed.

Technically its spectacular, and fun from previous deliveries and the overall finish is very good, but the lack of substantial development have left us feeling ratherunispired. Dead Space 3 is a great game , a very complete adventure, but lacks substance.

Score 7.9/10

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