Dead Space 3  will have and open environment with a large variety of rooms to explore.

Dead Space 3 Open Environments
Dead Space 3

Steve Papoutsis, one of the executives in the development of Dead Space 3 , has advanced in a recent interview with Official PlayStation magazine that the game’s environments will be more open than in the past, and encourage exploration. “I think the game will have a variety of rooms, and there will be many that will scare it, “he said. “Some are required for your main path from point A to Z during the game. In addition you may find audio, video or text documents to motivate you to find this or that place. May explore all because you want to discover what’s on every corner the world or because you find a door that looks interesting and you can carry a dungeon or a place with things to do. ” “There are many reasons that we hope to encourage players to explore the world and see what around, “he said. “There are many motivators in Dead Space 3 will propose you a sense of exploration . If you choose to get out of the rails and explore things go into areas that are not marked or scripted so we do not know what can happen if you pass a door one time as happened in Dead Space 2. So it’s something different. “

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