Dead Space 3 all Artifacts Locations will help you find all 40 items.

Dead space 3 all artifacts

Dead Space 3 All Artifacts Locations guide will take you through all the different missions and levels in the game to help you locate all the different one that are in the game. There are 40 Artifacts that you will need to collect in Dead Space 3  which you will acquire as you move through the campaign and our guide below will help you find all of them in the game. The artifacts are broken down in to four types:

TOC: Walkthrough, Weapons Crafting Guide, Artifacts Locations

EarthGov Artifacts: Unlocks EarthGov Circuit Set (6 items need to be located)

Unitology Artifacts: Unlocks Unitologist Circuit Set (6 items need to be located)

S.C.A.F. Artifacts: Unlocks S.C.A.F. Circuit Set (18 items need to be located)

Alien Artifacts: Unlocks Alien Circuit Set (10 items need to be located)

Once you collect all the different Dead Space 3 Artifacts Locations in the game you will be able to unlock the professor achievement or trophy in the game, depends what console you are playing.

Below you can find in which chapters you will be able to find the artifacts in the game and also some other collectibles that you will need to gather during your playthrough of the entire game.

Prologue: Beginnings – 1 Artifact

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening – 2 Artifacts

Chapter 2: On Your Own – 1 Artifact

Chapter 3 – 1 Artifact with weapons parts

Chapter 4: History’s Ember – 6 Artifacts

Chapter 5:

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