Dead or Alive 5 : Jann Lee vs La Mariposa


Dead or Alive 5 Combos

Take a look at the latest trailer from Dead or Alive 5 in which Jann Lee vs Mariposa go at it. We know that a DLC with different type of clothing will be release and now we are seeing these two characters going at it.

The combos, special moves and basic attacks are very pleasing, and with each opponent you can try to master each move to become the best. Here you see Jann Lee do a couple of strong round houses and La Mariposa being a girl is fast and quick.

Dead or Alive 5

Dead of Alive 5 will release on Xbox 360, PS3 on September 25, 2012. Till then keep checking with us as will bring you all you need to know to be on top of your game. Here is the Trailer below and let us know who is your favorite character.