Dead Island Riptide volunteer’s Voice Recordings Locations can be found through the entire playthrough of the game.

Dead Island Riptide volunteer's Voice Recordings

Dead Island Riptide volunteer’s Voice Recordings Locations are throughout the game in which it will help you to find out more about the different things that happened in the Island so you can understand what you are facing. The Volunteer’s Voice Recordings help you to move along the story and below you can find the different Recordings. There are 10 Volunteer’s Voice Recordings that you will need to locate in the game. Once you find all the Dead Island Riptide Volunteers’ Voice Recordings you will unlock the News Junkie achievement and trophy.

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Dead Island Riptide volunteer’s Voice Recordings Locations


Recordinging : 1: Right next to the beginning of the game, walk west and you will come to a cabin that is locked. Follow the path up the hill and then jump to the roof. Falls through the opening and the Recordinging can be found inside.

Recordinging : 2: In Mataka Village, enter the building to the south and is the Recording in the lower level of the shelf to the left. 

Recording : 3: Northeast helicopter crash site, a small camp with a woman named Miya asks you to go find military drops. In their camp, on the other end, you can find the Recordinging on a bench. 

Recordinging : 4: Just east of the cascade of wander, there is a desk and Kingston’s hut. The Recordinging can be found on the platform workbench is.

Recording : 6: Upon entering the supply bunker near the bio-dome in search Miya Surplus, climb the ladder inside the bunker to get to the second floor and the Recordinging will be on the table at left.


Recording : 7: On the ferry docks Pinai enter garage eleven o’clock that opens after the onslaught of the waves of enemies and Recordinging can be found inside.


Recording : 8: This Recordinging can be found on a table near the stairs leading to the workbench directly east of the dead zone in necks Geoffrey Henderson

Recording : 9: This can be found in the courtyard of the south central section of Henderson, just below Ogio laundry Moke Dead Zone.

Recording : 10: Upon entering the Army based in Henderson, go to the southwest corner of the majority and there will be a tower and a white tent. Enter the shop to the left to find the Recordinging near the end of the same


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