Dead Island Riptide Secret Files Locations are located in the game and our guide will help you find them.

Dead Island Riptide secret files

Dead Island Riptide Secret Files Locations are tricky to find in the game, but don’t worry our guide will help you in finding all the different types in the game and take you step by step on locating all of them. Once you located all the Secret files in Dead Island Riptide you will unlock the Mystery Solved Achievement and Trophy which will get you closer to completing the game 100%. The island is full of collectibles and all different items that you will need to gather during your gameplay. Follow the complete Dead Island Riptide Secret Files Locations guide videos below and you will be able to complete this achievement/trophy in no time. For the complete walkthrough and more follow the links below:

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Flooded Jungle

Secret Files 1: When you return to supplies Marcus Villa, you can find these files under your bed.

Secret Files 2: This file is in the dead zone in Halai to make Quest “Where the Dead Live” Marcus Villa. You can find this in the room where the sources of Marcus.

Secret Files  3: To find this file, go to the cabin just east of Joe hanging in the north central part of the flooded forest. To find the file, you will need to go through a trapdoor in the floor of the hut to enter the basement, but the door of the trap will only appear when you accept the “white” Bruce Halai mission.

Secret Files  4: Once you have talked with Dr. Kessler in the Biosphere, enter the next set of doors and the files will be in left field.

Secret Files  5: When you need to get the key to exit the tunnels, this file is on the floor next to the bed in the small room where the key is.


Secret Files  6: Upon entering the Com-room at the military base, look at the opposite side of the room in the center to find it on the table.

Secret Files  7: When you are in the military base, the secret file is in the table next to the fast travel station in the north of the map.

Secret Files  8: When you reach the helicopter crash at Fort Henderson during the mission “The Crash”, you can find this file in the helicopter.

Secret Files  9: This can be found in the quarantine area before going up the stairs to the docks. Look behind the stack of boxes next to the white tent across from the stairs leading to the docks.

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