Dead Island Riptide Postcards Locations are scattered through the entire game.

Dead Island Riptide Postcards

Dead Island Riptide Postcards Locations guide will take  you through the entire game and show you where all the 15 different Postcards are in which they detail what actually happened and do help you move through the story as you progress through it. Do take a look at all the postcards locations and they are part of the collector and the Hoarder Achievements and trophies that you will be able to unlock once you gather all the 61 collectibles in the game.

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Dead Island Riptide Postcards Locations

Flooded Jungle

Postcard 1: You can find this postcard firs within the bar in Paradise survival camp.

Postcard 2: In the bar drinks in the Kiwi camping, you can access the bar jump up on some boxes and the search for the postcard on the table.

Postcard 3: In Halai, near the nursery, there is a higher level building can enter that has a desk and a woman named Makaylain it. Locate the card to the right when you enter.

Postcard 4: Just north of marker Joe loose, there is a platform in the swamp that has an established camp site. You can find the zip in a cushion there.

Post 5: During the mission “Ritual”, will have to go to the cabin Mataka Marcus Villa Village to retrieve a map. Once you have found the bark of trees to enter it, look for the postcard inside the cabin.

Postcard 6: On the right side of the cabin in the southern Blue Marina Marik, look at the table there to find the postcard to be there.


Postcard 7: For this card, you must enter “Nick’s house” here to find this postcard. When he went inside, go upstairs and enter the bathroom to find on the shelf.

Postcard 8: This postcard can be found in the front of the bank in Henderson, to the right of the front door, you can see this on the floor.

Post 9: It is located in the small building to the south end of Henderson, south west of the Moke Ogio clothing dead zone

Postcard 10: When you are looking for cinema during the “New Food” quest, crossing the first bridge and follow the steps on the left. Follow the walk way to the end and there is present on the left side.

Postcard 11: Upon leaving the theater on their way to the military base, go east and go dead Basement area infected. In the next courtyard area, there will be a greeting card on a table.

Postcard 12: This card can be found on a bench near the umbrella overthrown and the southern arc.

Postcard 13: Inside Rodrigo shop, just east of the Dead Zone infected apartments will be on the wall behind the counter.

Postcard 14: On the roof just outside the cinema, go to the northeast corner to find the postcard on the table.

Postcard 15: This can be found on a bench right across from where Eva is on the roof of the store where your boss at the Henderson Villa.

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