Dead Island Riptide Diaries Locations are through the game to help you advance in it.

Dead Island Riptide Diaries

Dead Island Riptide Diaries Locations can be found in the game by going through the entire campaign and looking for them or you can take a look at the guide below in which it numbers all the 10 Diaries that you need to collect in the game and will guide you along. Once you gather all the 10 Diaries in the game you will be closer to unlocking “The Hoarder” and “The Collector” achievements and trophy in the game. There are a total of 61 collectibles in the game and you can see their links to them below:

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Dead Island Riptide Diaries Locations

Flooded Jungle

Diaries 1: This can be found on the top floor Survival Camp paradise inside the room in the big building on the west side, with the reclining chair in the doorway.

Dairy 2: This diary can be found at Halai which brings together survivors, up by Rose.

Diaries 3: Inside the cabin, the other side of the boat you need to find the engine. Walk up behind him to find the ladder and climb to the roof and then the other side and enter.

Diary 4: Arriving at the Mission of Santa Maria in the “House of God” quest, go to the top floor and on the right side will be the newspaper in a chest.

Diary 5: Once you enter the Kessler Lab, go straight to the window and the diary is on the table on the left.

Diaries 6: When in the tunnels, enters the room with the big radar, down the ramp to the right and then up the stairs to the left. At the top of the stairs will enclosed room with shelves. Search the newspaper there, against the wall on the left.

Diaries 7: As soon as you enter the makeshift hospital in Henderson, look behind the bar on the left and the newspaper will be there.

Diaries 8: In the courtyard of the Dead Warehouse Infected area, there will be a couple of tables there. Look at one of them to find the newspaper on it.

Diaries 9: When entering flooded streets in Henderson, go left (east) when you can, and you will find this diary in a box on the right side.

Diaries 10: Along the west side of Henderson, under the military base, you can follow a narrow path to the south. Follow along and look to the left, while to the south and you come to a pile of barrels and boxes. Hop behind them to find the newspaper there in a group of boxes.

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