Dead Island Pages from the Guide Book Locations will help you find them all.

Dead Island Pages from the Guide Book

Dead Island Pages from the Guide Book Locations will guide you on finding all of them in the game and will help you find out what happened in the ship and in the island as you try to survive the terror. Follow the complete Dead Island pages from the guide book guide below and you will be able to gather the entire items and unlock the “Professional Tourist” achievement and trophy in the game and you will be closer to unlocking “The Hoarder” Achievement and trophy.

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Dead Island Pages from the Guide Book Locations 

Flooded Jungle

Guide Book 1: You can find this page in the cabin just off the Paradise Camp survival where there is a parked car.

Island Attractions # 2: This page of the guide is directly south of the camping grounds kiwi on wooden walkway there.

Guide Book 3: Just north of the Hoyahoya bar, located north of Halai, there are some umbrellas and is on the side of the road there. You can find the guide sitting on the table.

Guide Book 4: On this page you can find refuge in the dead zone Bungalow crossroads. You can find it on the bench in the middle.

Guide Book 5: This can be found in a van where you have to help save Alex who is stranded on top. The caravan is located just west of the wrecked helicopter crash.

Guide Book 6: Look for this page Marik Marina, south of the gas station on a table next to the water.

Guide Book 7: This guide can be found on the side of the road near the desk, lab southwest biosphere.

Guide Book 8: This can be found just east of the three gateway tree house in the middle of the flooded forest. It is located on a small island with a shop and a wrecked car.

Guide Book 9: On this page you can find in the dead zone in Halai to do the Quest “Where the Dead Live” Marcus Villa. You can find this in the room where the sources of Marcus.

Guide Book 10: Inside the tunnels, near the end, in the first smuggler pit you’re in the tunnels, the guide on the bed in the left corner.

Dead Island Pages from the Guide Book Locations Guide

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