Dark Souls 2 Strategy on How to Beat the Scorpioness Najka will show you steps to defeating it.

Dark Souls 2 Strategy on How to Beat the Scorpioness Najka will guide you on steps that you can use in the battle to destroy the boss and be successful at it. Follow our game guide below that will provide you with best strategy and great tips on completing the game.

TOC: WalkthroughReviewLeveling UpDying and healingHuman Effigy LocationsInventory and EquipmentMaJula Items LocationsAchievementsHeides Tower of Flame Items LocationsKey LocationsRings LocationsBonfires Locations, DS2 How to Level upCovenants Locations Guide, Dagger Weapons LocationsStraight Swords Weapons LocationsStaffs Locations, Sacred Chimes Locations, how to beat Scorpioness Najka

  • Najka Boss uses same type of attacks
  • attack while she is stuck in the sand . If relaxation at a distance ,
  • Usepowerful magical ranged attacks , which can be difficult to avoid. Attack it a few times , then back away as springing from the sand.
  • Najka uses a pair of attacks that are relatively easy to evade or block
  • evading magic attacks
  • stay at maximum range and evade their magic missiles
  • She uses a three-hit combo that starts with two attacks of their jaws
  • followed by an attack with his spear. Block the two attacks jaw
  • then evade and counter launches several attacks of your own.
  • When she goes underground , stand on one of the pieces of stone sticking out of the sand
  • Stone slabs work. If you stay in the sand, she bursts from the ground beneath you and tries to finish you
  • Cut off tails using magic


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