Dark Souls 2 Rings Locations will Guide you on where to find them in the game and their different powers.

Dark Souls 2 Rings locations are in different places throughout the entire game and each of them will give you power in which can enhance every aspect of your character, no matter  the class or style you play in the game, each ring will give you power to advance in the game. Follow along and see below all the locations for all the Dark Souls 2 Rings Locations.

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Life Ring +1/+2
Location: Forest of Fallen Giants +1, Iron Keep P + Shine of amana
Effect : Raises Maximum

Chloranthy Ring +1/+2
Location: Forest of Fallen Giants, Shaded Woods, Executioners Chariots
Effect: Increases Stamina Recovery rate by 3.5/5.5/8.5 speed

Ring of Knowledge
Location: Straid of Olaphis
Effect: Increases Intelligence by 5

Ring of Blades
Location: The pursuer, the pursuer
Effect: Increases physical attack by 20/35/50

Thunder Quartz Ring
Location: Rosabert of Melfia,
Effect: Inreases lightning

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