The intricate story of DARK will take you in the midst of a world of blood and darkness, where the hunter is also the prey.

Since May last year that Kalypso Media had not shown any signs of life give us their last title in development, DARK . Today we bring you the first trailer that the company has shown of the game since it was carried out the Gamescom 2012 in German lands. In this incarnated adventure Eric Bane , a man has become a vampire overnight. His mission, in addition to blood survival on either the human race or his new teammates.

dark xbox 360 pc

We offer a dark atmosphere to accompany a style that cell-shadding perfectly showing how the world slowly succumbs to the darkness, as much as we fight so to avoid it.

The gameplay combine the use of vampiric abilities , as the terrifying transformation into a bloodsucker to 100%, the skills to detect opponents by their blood, to transform into a flock of bats to move faster or fatal attacks that will kill any human who puts himself in the middle. But not all are based on the combat as DARK focuses more on the possibilities offered by stealth . Bane has to fight alone against all the dangers of the night, so it is best not to attract attention and get to meet the different objectives that appear to us without putting on a show.

DARK comes to Xbox 360 and PC in the second quarter of 2013, in other words, at some point between April and June. What do you think the last work of Kalypso Media? Do you think it will be a sleeper?  

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