The Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Review will take you through all the features of the game.

Pacific Squadron WWII

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII takes you through 30 legendary aircraft in the game and as you battle the enemy in the sky. From the Surprise attack on pearl Harbor you will be engaged from the beginning as you playthrough through the entire game. Follow the great story of fighting for your own country for the purpose to defend and protect on the Best Air Combat Game of the Year. In the sky there is the rule to win as you will go through all the different historic places in the game  that have graphical details to give you that feel of being there as one of the pilots going through the different types of missions

The Gameplay of the game is amazing when playing the game with the Saitek Pacific AV8R Flightstick. The game will have you pilot the game as close as it gets with the flightstick. As you take on each mission solo or with someone else in the co-op mode you can enjoy all the different missions of the game and all the side objectives that you can complete.  With the look of the all the detail and beautiful aircraft, islands and the cool battle scenes makes this game great.  The differnt types of missions as taking down items on the ground or chasing someone else in a dog fight to take them down will take about 14 hours to complete the entire gameplay. Some of the cool modes in the game are deathmatch, team dogfights and a few more that you can see below: You can always take a look at the Pacific Squadron  WWII video review above for more details.

  • Team Survivor: Teams of players work together to eliminate the other team. All players begin with a set number of lives, and the last team with lives remaining is the victor.
  • Scratch One Flattop: Two teams battle to sink each other’s aircraft carriers in this epic aerial battle. Use dive bombers and torpedo bombers to attack the enemy’s carrier with cover and support from your fighter wing.
The graphic details on the all the different planes that you are able to use are simple to admire with each having some difference but still it takes you back in the past and lets you enjoy the well details planes. The sound could have been better but main in the communication part but sound coming through the Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless headset is an epic experience to enjoy.

Pacific AV8R FlightStick truly makes the Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII video game experience one to treasure. In the beginning I had to really get use the the flightStick as is very sensitive but once I went through the simulation by flying over boats, taking out few min0r objectives I was on my way to enjoying flying for the first time in my life. The Stick has a soft touch rubber finish that will give you that support and help you grip it if you are the type of gamer that gets all nerves and start having sweaty hands. You have your fire buttons are the tips of your fingers with the regular 3 buttons to help you combat the enemy. There is a neat throttle that allow you to control the engine in the airplane that you are flying and wit the toggle switches give the FlightStick a more realistic experience and you can also hook up your headsets to give you the extra feeling of being a pilot. You can see the video below in  which it gives you more details about the awesome Pacific AV8R FlightStick and you can check our unboxing that detail all that comes in the Damage Inc Collector’s Edition that we are givingaway for free thanks to MadCatz.

Damage Inc Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is our special bundle for the gamer that wants true immersion into the game.
Consisting of the game, the Pacific AV8R FlightStick, a special DLC plane and a stylized WWII-era
sticker sheet to customize your stick, the Collector’s Edition lets you experience the ultimate thrill as a
WWII fighter pilot and promotes the sensation of true flight.

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII game not only has sexy airplanes, takes you back into history and with the compatibility to using the Pacific AV8R FlightStick is truly the adventure for the summer. Taking on different missions and objectives from the beginning to the end makes time go by smoothly as you are enjoying the best air combat video game for the summer. We give Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII with the use of the Pacific AV8R FlightStick a 4.5 out of 5.

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