Cyborg Strike 7 PC Gaming Keyboard Unboxing

Here is the exclusive unboxing for the Cyborg Strike 7 PC Gaming Keyboard

cyborg strike 7

Take a look at the exclusive unboxing of the Cyborg Strike 7 PC Gaming Keyboard here at where it will show you all the details of the awesome gaming keyboard with all the components that it comes with and some information about it. Now if you have any questions about this PC Gaming keyboard then this is your chance to ask any questions before the review goes live. Please leave all your questions in the video link below.

Did you see the video of  the uboxing? If not then take a look at it as we also announced that Gamerfuzion is giving back to the community by giving the keyboard away. Yes a $300 keyboard can be yours!! Don’t miss the chance to have this awesome keyboard and also let the community know about it. Let me know what you think about the keyboard.

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