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Enter to win a Cyborg Strike 7 PC Gaming Keyboard, its easy, fun and Free!

Here at gamerfuzion we are all about giving back to the community and we want to give you a FREE CYBORG STRIKE 7 PC gaming Keyboard. Starting now to the end of September 30, 2012 we will be giving away a FREE CYBORG STRIKE 7 Keyboard to the Winner!  Now you ask yourself what do you need to do to win the “CYBORG STRIKE 7 Keyboard”? Is very simple and fun, all you need to do is the following to enter the chance to win.

1. TOP THIS VIDEO below: Telling the world, friends, neighborhood, school, etc. why is the best gaming website. Some examples: The ideas are limitless and the most creative video that tops the video below will have a chance to win the free CYBORG STRIKE 7 PC Gaming Keyboard .

(Once you create the video, you will need to share at


2. You must subscribe to our YoutubeTwitter, and Facebook and leave the same comment you left on this post. Example comment on this post. “great thanks gamerfuzion for the chance to win a headset” should be posted on all the socials sites.

Take a look a the CYBORG STRIKE 7 Keyboard UNBOXING

 Cyborg Strike 7

By entering the Giveaway, each entrant agrees to abide by these Contest Rules, which are subject to change without notice to Giveaway entrants individually.

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    Sep 3, 2012 @ 10:31 am

    wow my video is now the standard…this is crazy, cant wait to see videos of people trying to top it…im having some trouble coming up with ideas to top it myself…but i will!

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    Sep 3, 2012 @ 15:07 pm

    Darn I have to pass on this one the keyboard looks sick but I have no idea on what to do to try and win and I’m 100% everyone else’s videos will be better than mine :( hopefully I have better luck with the November Giveaway

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