Crysis 3 Demo walkthrough gives you a preview of the single player  Stealth and Armor Combat mode

crysis 3

Crytek has released a single player demo walkthrough of the new Crysis 3 video game in which it gives you options to interact with. In the demo you have the Stealth and Armor option to choose from.

Crysis 3 Combat Modes

Stealth Combat Mode: Stay Cloaked and infiltrate your objectives by staying low and accomplishing you mission.

Armor Combat Mode: Go loud and unleash all the devastating power that you are provided with to your enemy.

Strategize your gameplay by choosing either combat mode and see what type of outcomes you are to perform as you become the hunter.

The Crysis 3 demo is great, and see for yourself above the 19 minute walkthrough of this single player campaign on how the prophet takes care of the mission by using both combat modes. First you use the Armor mode and then followed by the stealth mode and on top of completing the mission you will be able to to use any type of weapon that you can find, swim into safety and many more options.

Crysis 3 will be releasing Spring 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3 adn PC and if you pre-order now you get to have the Hunter Edition and unlock the Composite Bow Day 1.

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