Crysis 3 cell Intel Locations Guide will help you to gather all in the game.

Crysis 3 cell intel

Crysis 3 Cell Intel Locations can be found throughout the entire game and provide you with tips and tricks on gathering all in the game. There are different types of Cell Intel that you will need to gather in the game. The Crysis 3 Intel Locations are:

Propaganda Posters
Black Boxes

Locate all of the above cell intel to unlock the breaking the lore achievement and trophy guide in the game. This can be accomplished through the single player campaign and you can follow along in the video guides below to find all the cell intel in the game. Once you unlock the different collectibles in the game they help you to gather audio information that will help you develop the story better.  There are 67 Crysis 3 CELL Intel collectables, as follows:

TOC: Walkthrough, Cell Intel Locations, Datapads Locations

  • 41 Datapads
  • 6 Propaganda Posters
  • 20 Blackboxes

Crysis 3 Cell Intel Locations Menu

  • Mission 1: Post-Human:  7 Datapads, 2 Blackboxes
  • Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle: 3 Datapads, 2 Blackboxes, 1 Propaganda Poster
  • Mission 3: The Root of All Evil:
  • Mission 4: Safeties Off:
  • Mission 5: Red Star Rising:
  • Mission 6: Only HumanP:
  • Mission 7: Gods and Monsters:

Crysis 3 Cell Intel Video Guides Below:

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