Crysis 3 Blackboxes locations will guide you through the game and find them all.

Crysis 3 blackboxes locations

Crysis 3 Blackboxes locations will guide you through all the different level in the game to help you find them. As you play through the game you will be able to find one by and you can just follow our video and written guide to help you find all the different blackboxes in crysis 3 to help you gather the achievement and trophy along with all the cell intel locations.  See below the Crysis 3 Blackboxes Locations Guide:

TOC: WalkthroughCell Intel LocationsDatapads Locations, Propaganda Posters Locations, Blackboxes Locations

Crysis 3 Blackboxes Locations

Blackbox Locations 1

The first collection is fairly easy to find. Once you gain control just follow Psycho. As I walked down the ramp to exit the ship you will notice some boxes on the left. Among those boxes is a corpse that has the first blackbox of the game,  get a black box.

Blackbox Location  2

Towards the end of the mission to be cut another door and regroup with Psycho before the mission finally ends. There will also be a corpse in the room, which like the first one leads to another black box.

Blackbox Location 3

Once you reach the subway, and you will have different routes Psycho. Finally regroup and find an area with a lot of dead soldiers. One of them is the first mission of the black box.

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