Crazy Taxi makes it to the Android with 4 drives to choose from.

crazy taxi

The iconic open-world arcade racer published by SEGA, Crazy Taxi, will have a new edition for Android.The game will be similar to that recently appeared for iPad.

Crazy Taxi was developed by Hitmaker for arcade in 1999 and published by SEGA Dreamcast console next year, wow that is a long time ago. In the title, the player can choose among 4 drivers (Axel, BD Joe, Gena and Gus) to pick up people and take them to their destination as quickly as possible.

Apparently the game’s original music, made by The Offspring and Bad Religion, will be retained in this new edition. The game is available on the Google play for $ 4.99 USD. The new version includes two modes, Original and Arcade, plus 16 mini-games.

Have you played the original Crazy Taxi game? See below some gameplay for the Crazy Taxi from Sega Dreamcast.

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