As part of its arrival in the Chinese market, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will undergo several changes. Among them is that their development of their new engine that they will be changing to.

As reported PCGamesN at the launch event of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for China, it was confirmed that the game will move to Source 2, the new version of the popular engine of Valve. If you’re a fan of the company you know that this is not the only one of its games has taken this leap since September 2015, Dota 2 did the same.

Naturally, this change will bring several new features to the user interface Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , since the game will start using the Panororama interface, ie the same as appears in Dota 2 .

That’s not all, since the next operation to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive arrive before the summer ends. Sadly, at the moment no further details on this content.

For now it is unclear whether these changes will arrive in the Beta Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -which starts on April18th- or if we have to wait a little longer for it.

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