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SteelTron is online.
Hope you are liking the game. How is it on the PC?
Hamaad Bhat
it is great. haha i was so excited but i couldnt play it for like 5 days because my pc didnt meet its requirements. It took me hours to figure out how to make my pc and sleeping dogs compatible. It works perfectly now tho. Thanks for asking Tron.
August 23, 2012 Like
LaserBolt is online.
Welcome to GF what type of games you play? Don't forget to check out the chat to meet new ppl or to help you out around the site. You can find the the chat by clicking the chat icon on the top.
Hamaad Bhat
I play shooters and action games such as Red Dead, Max Payne 3, Dead Space 2, and Prototype 2. That's why I want Sleeping Dogs so bad
August 18, 2012 Like
LaserBolt is online.
cool man congrats on winning the code
August 18, 2012 Like
Hamaad Bhat
Hi GamerFuzion. I deserve the code because I am struggling in life and cannot afford Sleeping Dogs. I, as well as my sisters must pay for school loans and I have family members who are sick. I am stud...
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Hamaad Bhat
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