The Club Nintendo Rewards systems is for anyone that becomes a member of it. Once you become a member of the Club Nintendo you will have a chance to earn coins by downloading games, playing games, purchasing consoles and much more. All you will need to do is grab a pin code that they provide you with so you can in exchange redeem it for points. See below how the Club Nintendo Rewards works.

Club Nintendo Rewards 

What is Elite Status once you become a club Nintendo Member?

Club Nintendo members with super Coin-earning power can become Elite Status members. Earn 300 Coins between July 1st and June 30th of the following year to earn Gold Status, or 600 Coins to earn Platinum Status. Reach either of these milestones to get exclusive FREE gifts, only available to those with Elite Status.

Club Nintendo rewards

Link your system. Get more.

Link a game system with your Club Nintendo account for even more ways to earn Coins.

When you link your Nintendo game system with your Club Nintendo account, the games you download are automatically registered. Many downloads qualify for surveys, which give you a chance to earn more Coins.

Level-up each year and redeem additional free gifts.

Between July 1 and June 30 of the following year, if you earn 300 Coins you’ll reach Gold Status. Earn 300 more (600 Coins total) in that same time period for Platinum Status. It doesn’t matter how many Coins you’ve spent on other rewards, so you can use your Coins to get cool rewards throughout the year!

Ways to win Coins

Purchased any new games, this will give you up to 40 coints per game

Download any new games available

Got a new Nintendo gaming system like a wii, 3ds 3d and other nintendo consoles

Watched Any Videos Lately from Netflix, Nintendo video and Hulu

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