Child of Light Achievements will help you gather all the different one that you need to unlock in the game as you progress through it. You will also be able to unlock the different types of collectibles by gathering the needed items and we will be bringing you different guides to help you complete them.

Child of Light Achievements
The Girl and the Firefly 10 
Meet Igniculus.
Comedy 10 
Rubella joins Aurora’s party.
Capilli Catch 10 
Sweet Sister 10 
Norah joins Aurora’s party.
Bolmus Bond 10 
Robert joins Aurora’s party.
Kategida Kindred 10 
Óengus joins Aurora’s party.
Piscean Promise 10 
Gen joins Aurora’s party.
Tragedy 10 
Tristis joins Aurora’s party.
Tenth Birthday 10 
Achieve level 10 with Aurora.
Perfectionist 15 
Upgrade a skill to its highest level.
Master Oculist 10 
Craft Oculi.
Through the Looking Glass 10 
Send Oculi to a friend.
Scene Stealer 15 
Execute 3 Surprise Strikes.
Showstopper 25 
Interrupt 3 foes at the same time.
Winged Fury 15 
Devastate 5 foes.
General of Light 20 
Win a battle against 3 dark creatures without losing any HP.
Guardians of Lemuria 10 
Win a battle without Aurora.
Explorer 10 
Find and open 30 trunks.
Aurora Borealis 15 
Collect 5 deposits of Stardust.
Perfect Sonnet 20 
Collect all Confessions.
When Pigs Fly 10 
Finish the Lemurian Request: Achilles’s Odyssey.
Golden Apple 10 
Finish the Lemurian Request: Free Trade.
Grassroots 25 
Finish 3 Lemurian Requests.
Secret Achievements
Starcatcher 10 
Recover the stars.
Over the Moon 20 
Recover the moon.
Sunrise 20 
Recover the sun.
Coronation 50 
Dethrone the Queen of the Night.
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