Pre-Order Advanced Warfare for Destiny Content

A recent GameStop newsletter gives details on an Activision pre-order bonus. Both Destiny and Advanced Warfare will be published by Activision, and there will be a bonus for pre-ordering Advanced Warfare. Along with all of the other bonuses GameStop is offering, gamers will recieve a LEGENDARY Level 20 Armor Shader in Destiny, which

Ghosts – Freight and Showtime 24/7

Infinity Ward put out a poll asking players what Call of Duty: Ghosts map they would like to see a 24/7 playlist for. Strikezone 24/7 usually comes with double EXP, but for now we think that these playlists will just be normal xp. The community surprisingly picked Freight as the first 24/7

CoD: Advanced Warfare has 350+ Weapons!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of the most versatile and customizable games to hit the FPS market, and come November 4th, players will be able to use over 350 different weapons in the game. Advanced Warfare works like earlier CoD games, where you unlock guns just by leveling up, and there’s

Destiny Grimoire Cards will provide in-game Bonuses

Many fans in the Destiny Beta were confused as to what exactly the ‘Grimoire Cards’ did after you earned them. The Destiny Grimoire cards are earned by achieving certain challenges and are easily earned throughout the game. You can level these cards up, and ‘read’ them on the Destiny mobile companion, or

Destiny DLC Pack 1 will drop December 2014

Destiny isn’t even out yet, and we already are getting info on the DLC packs. Destiny DLC 1 will release in December of 2014, titled “The Dark Below”. Come later into the game’s lifecycle will be the second DLC “House of Wolves”. Destiny is set to release in under a month on September 9th,