Madden NFL 15 Review

It’s that time again when our summer gear gets put away, or gets tucked away in the deep corners of our basement, attic or closet. Most would think we would grab a trench coat a sweeter even an umbrella. But for us this can only mean one thing and one

Oddworld New n Tasty Abe’s Oddysee Review

During the year 1997, came one of the strangest video game universes. As its name suggests, Oddworld video games took bizarre creatures with personality and a very peculiar style that would seal their creators Oddworld Inhabitants. The first game of the series, Abe’s Odyssey felt completely ahead of its time: its cut scenes are almost looked like something from the future

Mousecraft Review

In Mousecraft we will need to lead a trio of small laboratory rats to a succulent piece of cheese that awaits them at the end of each level.  The game itself is more Lemmings than Tetris, with the tetris pieces only coming into play to create paths and steps for you to get

Sniper Elite 3 Review

Sniper Elite III continues the vein of its predecessors in an exciting new stage: the theater of operations in North Africa during World War II. Despite his faults, his eventual monotony and modest ambitions, the game rests on good foundations that make it an acceptable option for lovers of tension


Valiant Hearts the Great War is a puzzle adventure game with a strong narrative burden that tells the story of four characters who crisscross the fortunes of war, connecting through a Doberman that was part of the medical service in the German army. Both pillars on which this game is built are the


Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark is a strange mix between the world of video games, cartoons and the last film. with events occurring before the game Fall of Cybertron and parallel to the film Age of Extinction . Although it sounds good in concept, the way to explore the narrative runs atrociously the campaigns combining

Shovel Knight Review

The prologue to the adventure tells the story of Shovel Knight and Shield Knight , who were the most successful heroes of the kingdom; until during one of them voyages in the Tower of Doom , Shield Knight is enclosed along with the whole place thanks to the magic of an enchanted amulet.Later, taking advantage of the absence

Watch Dogs Review

Behind the technological marvels of an interconnected city the Central Operating System, known as CTOS. This system collects information about the city and its inhabitants it also, manage traffic, public transport, road communication, energy resources, water and assist in surveillance and security. This network has a number of control centers

Drakengard 3 Review

Drakengard 3 could be misleading by name, since it is not a direct sequel to the second title, but a prequel whose story takes place a hundred years before the events of the first game: In a dark fantasy world called Midgard where humans are the dominant species over others like dragons, we

Wolfenstein The New Order Review

Wolfenstein The New Order is a title faithful to the original series, which includes classics like Return to Castle Wolfentein (2001) and Wolfenstein (2009). This new release once again, proposes an alternative and different story to that seen in previous games but with the same context of the whole series: confront