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Might & Magic Heroes VII Review PC

Latest installment in a franchise with nearly 30 years of tradition, Might & Magic Heroes VII belongs to turn-based strategy that began with A Strategic Quest, 1986. Now, Limbic Entertainment brings the epic saga of Ivan Griffin, who is about […]


Mad Max Video Game Review

Both the film and the progress of Avalanche served to generate unexpected hype around the game of Mad Max , and not have them in suspense, is I’m going to say it’s a good delivery, especially when you remember that […]


Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review

The remastered edition fortunately gives me many valid reasons to extol it. Let’s start with the commendable work of The Coalition, study commissioned this issue and who were given the task of remaking many models of characters and objects in […]


Zombi 2015 Review Xbox One, PS4, PC

ZombiU was a surprise in many ways. Beyond being a Zombi game with blood and exclusive violence to a Nintendo console, it surprised from formal perspective with which I had been conceived: a title survival which could be participants in […]


Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition delivery of brilliant action which remains a delight for those addicted to the genre hack n ‘slash, but also a game that shows every step they belong to a previous generation, the excess of […]


Batman Arkham Knight Review

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up where we left Arkham City. Joker is dead and the city appears to recover from the horrific events, but Gotham cannot stay quiet and Scarecrow seeks revenge against Batman after the humiliation he suffered in Asylum. This time the […]


Destiny The Fulcrum Hand Cannon Review on Best Roll

Destiny The Fulcrum Hand Cannon Review on Best Roll In the Destiny The Fulcrum Hand Cannon Review on Best roll will provide you the most effective way of using this weapon for more damage against your opponent and getting the […]


Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori and the Blind Forest is a title by Moon Studios with various veteran developers from around the world which debuts at the hands of Microsoft.   Moon Studios was commissioned to deliver the authentic beauty of entertainment, which is clearly inspired […]


Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

Capcom looks set to rise from its ashes during this 2015. And is that the Japanese company is that this season as usual wants his old hustle, and indeed only during the first months of the year will launch a number […]


Halo 5 Guardians Beta Review, Maps, Weapons

Whats up everyone this is RePLiNiSh with GamerFuzion and starting December 19th, I was lucky enough to grab a slot in the early release to the multiplayer beta for Halo 5.  As of now we were very limited on content when they only released […]