Super Smash Bros. 5 Minute Gameplay for 3DS

The official Japanese Nintendo channel on YouTube recently released a trailer for the 3DS version of Super Smas Bros. , which will be available in the market from October 3. In it we see some of the playable characters and objects appear in battles. We also appreciate several modes that

Star Fox for Wii U could come in 2015

Nintendo of America tweeted an infographic showing approximate release dates for different titles Wii U. Not many new features, but the interesting thing is that it confirms that there will be a new Star Fox 2015; also titles Miyamoto,Giant Robot Project and Project Guard will be ready next year. According to the infographic, Splatoon , Woolly World Yoshi , Mario Maker and Giant

Xenoblade Chronicles revealed for Nintendo 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles revealed for Nintendo 3DS In the Japanese Nintendo Direct that was held the morning of Friday August 29, 2014, it was announced that Xenoblade Chronicles will come to 3DS. However, this version of the game will only support new models of handheld console also revealed this morning that because they have a faster

Bayonetta 2 has release date

As part of ads that Nintendo revealed this morning it also announced the release date for Bayonetta 2 . The sequel to the popular witch in Wii U will be available on October 24 in America and in Europe a similar date. The game will feature more epic battles that will use

Fatal Frame Wii U Cover Art Revealed

The Japanese division of Amazon recently revealed the cover of the new title Fatal Frame ( Project Zero in Japan), which will be called Black Haired Shrine Maiden and will be available in Japanese land on September 27, 2014 for ¥6,600 JPY (approximately $65 USD). In the picture we see at 2 players in the game. One