Carrier Command Gaea Mission Walkthrough will guide you through all missions in the game.

Carrier Command Gaea Mission

The Carrier Command Gaea Mission Walkthrough is an action game with strategic elements set in a vast detailed archipelago. It reinvents the classic gameplay of the original Carrier Command to deliver a truly next-gen experience. The Wiki Guide will provide you with all the help that you need to complete the entire game.

Here are some of the features of the game that you will be going through that the walkthrough can help you get through all of them.

Gaea Mission campaign in which you will follow the deep story coinciding with the second book of the Gaea Universe trilogy and evolve from an underdog to a skilled Carrier commander and prevail against all odds.

With is strategic game you can enjoy a game mode closely based on the original 80s classic: choose startup settings such as balance of power and challenge the enemy carrier to an ultimate strategic duel.Massive game environment with the exploration of 30+ unique islands in 6 distinct climatic zones.Unique game mechanics. You will be able to control a seamless blend of real-time remotely controllable vehicles with a programmable battle computer to dominate the battlefield.Unit management. You also will need to acquire and manufacture new upgrades, weapons and enhancements for your carrier and vehicles, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your ammo and fuel stocks as well. Follow the complete Carrier Command Gaea Mission Walkthrough to get you through all the levels and help you defend and attack strategically.

Episode 1
[FR] Let'sPlay - Carrier Command: Gaea Mission- [Ep1]


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