Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Team Strategy Guide will show you how complete all the levels effectively.

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction

Follow Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Team Strategy Guide to help you advance through all the different levels in the game. The goal in Extinction is to always make it through the 14th hive before the bomb goes off. As you begin playing extinction you will realize that is nothing easy to complete it or go through all the levels the first time. The COD Ghosts Extinction mode is difficult but if you follow the strategy guide below of how each member in  the team have their roles determined on what they need to do as a team to survive all the waves. Follow the below Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Team Strategy for each class so you can have the best chance to complete it.

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Engineer Class Strategy

As an engineer you are in charge of placing the drill  as the drill receives bonus health.

Engineers repair the drill and deploys trafps.

Medic Class Strategy

Medics are able to revive squad faster than any other class which receives less damage as it revives fast.  Having more than one medic in each team is a plus as it helps revive the squad faster and having a fully leveled medic is essential once you make it past the first are.

Ammo Stategy

Once member of your class should be responsible for gathering ammo, purchasing and refilling the rest of the squad through the entire levels. Is a key that the ammo class prioritizes spending money on ammo and upgrading weapons and extra attacks.

Armor Strategy

Having one class gather armor and and upgrading their armor is crucial to the entire team. With armor you are able to take on more damage and the one that is designated to upgrading their armor will also deploy it to the team to help the rest out, which can get to be expensive but is a great strategy.



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