The Guide will help you find the Call of Duty Ghosts all Intel Rorke Files Locations that are in the entire playthrough of the game.

 Call of Duty Ghosts all Intel Rorke Files Locations Guide

Call of Duty Ghosts all Intel Rorke Files Locations can be found in the main story of the game and it gives you clues as to finding the antagonist of the game and where his where abouts are. Our game guide will provide you with all the All the intel locations by gathering information about Rorke and what he is upto. Follow our complete COD Ghosts all intel rorke files locations and unlock three achievements for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and trophies for the PS3 and PS4.

Rorke Files are special computer collectibles that can be found on every level. This first mission is one of the most difficult to get the rorke file. One of the achievements and trophies you will unlock is the Federation Day which you will gather intel on Rorke as you complete the mission in any difficult level. The other one is the the Birds of Prey  in which you capture Rorke and complete Birds of Prey in any level that you please. The Last of the unlockables are the Audiophile achievement and trophy which you collect all the 18 Rorke files in the game. Follow you game guide below to help you find all the 18 Rorke files in the game.  Below follow our complete guide to help you unlock the Call of Duty Ghosts all Intel Rorke Files Locations:

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Call of Duty Ghosts all Intel Rorke Files Locations – Audiophile Achievement and Trophy Guide

Ghost Stories Rorke File Location

1. When you pass the first house as you run that is to the right, you will look for a dusty car in the driveway. Don’t follow hesh, instead jump on top of the car then through the open door and the briefcase will be inside the second house.

Brave New World Rorke File Location

2. The file is located on a desk that is by the third floor of the building you meet Elias. As Elias leads you the briefcase is out in the open just to the right  of hesh.

No Man’s Land Rorke File Location

3. The location of the rorke file ins inside the large work facility. located on the desk in the main section.

Struck Down Rorke File Location

4. The Rorke file is in the locker room, this is the locker that is located to the left as you enter the room.

Homecoming Rorke File Location

The Rorke file is located in a side room right before going upstairs in the comman HQ, Take a look a the room to find the laptop inside the sandbag table.

Legends Never Die Rorke File Location

The Laptop is located on the desk that is in the sunny section. To acquire the laptop you will need to kill the two soldiers and sear the crates for Bizon Holographic, as you advance up the stairs, defeat soldiers and you will see it on the desk.

Federation Day Rorke File Location

As you follow Keegan you will need to take a left at the first hallway that is the dark office, if you happen to see hesh then you are in the right section and you will need to search a cubicle to get the Rorke file, which is facing towards the wall on a desk.

Birds of Prey Rorke File Location

As you Enter the Rorkes room you will see the computer  or laptop on the the desk, you will need to quickly retrieve the files before the mission is over.

The Hunted  Rorke File Location

As you meet with Elias, you will need to fallow the stream of water and the laptop is located on a rock.

Clockwork Rorke File Location

The rorke file is located in the same room where hesh is planting the bun on the federation server. If you see to the right of in on a desk you will see the rorke file.

Atlas Falls Rorke File Location

As you about to hit the pressure regulator button, check the room that is located to the right  and the rorke file is on the file cabinet.

Into the Deep Rorke File Location

The rorke file in the into the deep has its difficult time in locating. The rorke file is located on a rock in the water, but you will see this location after the ship that you attacked to come out from and the rorke file in on a rock facing away from the ship.

 End of the Line Rorke File location

As you are about to collect the Kinetic rods you will find ion on the crate behind the stairs.

Sin City Rorke File Location 

The rorke file is located is out in the open among some of toppled casino prop which can be found after the keegan pries open.

All or Nothing Rorke File Location 

The Rorke file  location is by you searching the bunks for the rorke file, which is on a lower bunk adjacent o Logan’s starting point location.

Severed Ties Rorke File Location

First you will need to stop following Hesh and you will not need to go with him to explore instead the hallway on your right. You will need to duck into the room on the left. Inside the room there are many computers and the one you are looking for is in the back.

Loki Rorke File Location

The next location for the following rorke file is located in free space. You will need to wait for the float t o be in place and you will see to the left and in the orange panel and is located as the as it floats away from the base.

The Ghosts Killer Rorke File Location 

The Rorke file is located behind the gun truck before you start following Hesh outside.



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