Borderlands The Pre Sequel Weapons Attachments Guide

Below you can find a complete list for Borderlands The Pre Sequel Weapon attachments that you can use when in combat. Some of the attachments are great such as Higher damage which increases the base damage of your weapon and many other. See complete list below and will bring any more if we find more:

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Weapon Attachments
Bayonet Raises melee damage
Boominator Increases grenade damage
Fast Learner Bonus to experience from kills
Foregrip Increases stability
Harden Up Improves maximum shields
Higher Bullet Speed Faster bullets improve long-range performance
Higher Damage Increases the base damage of your weapon
Improved Accuracy Raises Accuracy of your weapon
Increased Magazine Size More bullets, more fun
Oxygenator Damaging enemies restores O2
Piercing Rounds Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields
Punisher Raises critical hit damage
Reload Speed Lower the time it takes to reload your weapon
Safeguard Restores some of your shields on each kill
Serenity Reduces rate of O2 consumption
Wild Creates a wider spray of bullets

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