Borderlands 2 all Grenades Locations Guide


The Borderlands 2 will guide you through finding all the different grenades in the game.

borderlands 2

The Borderlands 2 all grenades locations guide will help you in locating all the different grenades in the game. There are several types of grenades that you will need to find and are made by different manufactures, from the standard type, MIRV, Bouncing Betty, Area of Effect, Singularity, Transfusion you will find them all in this guide. Each of the grenades do a different function as they are coming from different manufactures. A good way to use the grenades is when you don’t have a good gun then you can use grenades that allow you to leverage an element that you don’t have and counter attack with them when needed.

Unique and Legendary Grenades are vital to succeed in the game. From Fuster Cluck to kiss of death, councing bonnie, bonus package and many more to give you the leverage in the game.