Block Ops 2 Mob Of The Dead Blundergat Wonder Weapon Acid Kit Upgrade

blundergat wonder weapon

The black ops 2 Mob of the Dead Blundergat wonder weapon guide will show you the three different types of upgrades that there is for this new weapons. It starts with a regular one and then you can use the acid kit to upgrade the wonder weapon to the next level which acts like a shot gun.  As you watch the entire guide below you will see how each section will show you how easily you can upgrade this weapon to kill all those zombies in the Alcatraz prison and have it easy to be able to survive and escape the island.

TOC: Mob of the Dead Zombies WalkthroughTeddy Bear LocationsMob of the Dead Zombies NavCard Machine Locations, Plane parts locationsMob of the Dead Warden’s Key, Mob of the Dead Juggernog Perk Location


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