Call of Duty Black Ops 2 emerges from the old fashion into the new style, find out how in did in our Black Ops 2 Review.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review will guide you through the complete analysis of the major key points of the game that a Call of Duty gamers wants to know. From the original Black Ops which was a great success and Treyarch saw how the dynamics of moving away from the creators of Call of Duty, well I think most of us were happy of that move because it brought over something else to look for and to give the franchise another contender.

It has been two years in the making of Black Ops 2 and will Treyarch surprise us once again? Well first let me tell you how I will break this down. I will let you know about the campaign first, then the Zombies (yeah!) and last but not least the Multiplayer and it’s different functions.

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Black Ops 2 Campaign

The campaign is based on Frank Woods, and we will be going back in time in the year 1986 and then back in current time. You will begin in the current time of 2025 where Frank Woods tells you the untold story of how all the different key points in the history from 1986 to now took place and how now all unfolded to being in the current stage that we are in.

Enough about the story, I don’t want to spoil too much but you will be trying to chase Menendez evil ways.  So now that we are in the current time in 2025, a cyberattack targets the Chinese economy, crippling the Chinese Stock Exchange. In retaliation for this, the Chinese government has banned the export of rare earth elements, sparking a “Second Cold War” between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. During an invasion of Los Angeles, David Mason – the son of Alex Mason – and a team from the United States Navy Special Warfare Development Group must escort the American and French presidents to safety as they come under attack from automated weapons and Menendez’s men. Which now we are in deep trouble as all the drones are attacking the US forces.

By Far this campaign is the best ever call of duty and with all the new drones, weapons, gadgets that have been added this make this expansion one that not only broke the ice to go into the future and away from traditional Call of Duty style but is one of the best campaigns that I have played so far.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

Black Ops 2  Multiplayer Mode is one of the best that I have played so far, I can’t really compare it to other campaigns at all because Treyarch change the way perks work now which brings two key points: One the experience of a Call of Duty Gamer has been leveled and made it more fair to play among your peers that have the same rank to make the matches not only fun but competative. Second is the 10 points perk system which allows you, let me phase this better! It gives you freedom to set up your perks to your own linking. Please check out the video review above for more details and the creating a class system that explains the perk set up for all the classes which is quite difficult to explain it here but the video does a much better job at it. Overall with all the new maps, which are large and small, the use of the drones, weapons and different gadgets make this campaign the best ever so far and any new or old Call of Duty gamer will love to play.

Black Ops 2 Zombies

The Zombie mode is one of the factors that made Black Ops such an intriguing game to play and now Treyarch made the zombies even better in Black Ops 2. They have added new features, style and feel to it, with the additions to it makes the zombies in Black Ops 2 probably the reason why many of you might purchase the game. Now we get to have 3 different zombies modes, Tranzit, Survival and Grif mode make the zombies the biggest ambitious ever in a Call of Duty Game. The Tranzit  is a campaign of it self as you will need to go through different bus stops and collect different items to either access rooms, upgrade items and make your bus stronger against all the zombies attacks. This Tranzit mode is the best and please do check out the full tranzit walkthrough that we have. Survival mode is the type of zombie that we are use to seeing and all you need to do is survive the different waves of zombies. The last zombie mode if called Grif which means the last one standing and consist you team against other human players against those ugly zombies. This mode is also awesome due to the fact that not only are you fighting others but zombies as-well. One great feature in this is that you can turn zombies loose against the other team once unlocked the other team will have such a small chance to survive all the waves.

Overall Black Ops 2 is the game to have this fall and this year, with all the new features, add-ons to the campaign, multiplayer and zombies make this game a great contender for best shooter game of the year. Treyarch has done it again  and have mixed what worked in the original and have spiced it up to make the Black Ops 2 experience a one that will have you coming back and talking about for the next year.

We give Black Ops 2 a 9.2 out of 10 for being Terrific.

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