The Black Ops 2 Extended Zombies Mode reveals more about the walking dead.

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies reveals different modes that you will be playing and that you will be traveling in a bus going from location to location to destroy the infected ones.

Those who pre-order the Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition or Care Package now will receive the exclusive Nuketown Zombies map. Now why wouldn’t you want to get the Zombie map? Looks at the trailer is pack with them and it looks like a tougher now to kill them. They come at you in different waves and now they get on top of buses.

The Black Ops 2 promised us that they would come out with the zombies and that it would be more challenging a much better and different than the first one. Here are some details on the Black Ops 2 Zombies Map Modes:

  • Tranzit which will include a “big, giant, expansive world, significantly bigger than anything [Treyarch has] ever created,” for solo up to four-players in co-op.
  • Survival which sees players being attacked in a single area in the Tranzit world. Players will hold off zombies in a safe area and go out into the throng to nab bonuses scattered throughout the environment. Survival areas will be similar to dedicated maps with access to multiple areas designed to play as a standalone section in solo or as a four-player co-op session.
  • Grief is a new mode for up to eight players which combines Survival with competitive elements. Two teams of four players are tossed into the world of Tranzit and will have to outlive the other team. Players cannot kill each other but they can put the other team in unfavorable situations. Think of it as Humans vs. Humans vs. Zombies.

Zombie Multiplayer:

  • Stat tracking: Zombie fans will now have “extensive stats” attached to their monster hunting sessions, much like multiplayer fans have in the competitive part of the game.
  • Leaderboards: Stat tracking transitions into leaderboards for each zombie mode and can be broken down in detailed ways, like ranking based on maps. As an example, Lamia says players could check rankings for Survival in one particular area. “That will have its own leaderboard,” Lamia added, mentioning detailed breakdowns for the other modes as well. “A lot more leaderboards, a lot more stats.”
  • Improved Matchmaking: Using the multiplayer system, the game will attempt to match players faster than it has in the past. Because stats are tracked, Lamia says, Treyarch “will do [its] best” to match players with similar skill in the zombies mode. Of course, players can jump in and play with friends or anyone of varied skill levels if they choose.
  • Custom Games: “Now we’re going to let you create custom games of the modes I just talked about,” Lamia says. Creating a custom zombie game, players can make a series of decisions including setting a starting round (with players given points at the beginning of the match that are relative to the round choice, so players can purchase weapons and items to help them survive), you can set challenges like ‘Headshots Only’ at the beginning of the match or at specific rounds, turn magic items off (no perk machines, no ‘Pack-a-Punch,’ no mystery boxes). Lamia says there will be a laundry list of tweaks players can make.

Zombie Basic Details
A few additional details we were able to squeeze out of Treyarch regarding Zombies.

  • The mode features four new playable characters, including a female survivor teased in promotional art for the game.
  • Because the mode has no established narrative, Treyarch won’t tell us what era the they envision the survivors living in. The single-player mode in Black Ops 2 shifts between the 1980s and the year 2025, while multiplayer takes place exclusively in the near-future setting. While some weapons in the teaser trailer point to a future timeline, Lamia tells us that its date remains a mystery as it’s part of the narrative “fans are creating for the mode.”
  • Zombies only exists because of fan feedback. Treyarch loves the mode, but only continues to grow it because of fan demand.
  • There are more zombie types, including new “normal zombies” and new “special zombie” adversaries.
  • There’s a lot revolving around the zombie gametype – and all modes, really – that Treyarch won’t be revealing. The developer wants to keep some surprises for players when the game launches.
  • Lamia promises plenty of Easter Eggs hidden throughout the Tranzit environment.
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