The black Ops 2 Buried Zombies guide will help you find all the buildable parts in this map.

Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies All Buildable Parts

Black Ops 2 Buried Zombies All Buildable Parts guide to building the turbine and will take you through each of the section of the map to where all the buildable parts are located to building the machine. First section to go the bank in which you will find four buildable items to advance in the game. Gather the 4 items to build your items and move to the next parts.

The last item to craft you will have to do it in the saloon and church you can see the video guide above to show you what you will need to do to complete the entire items that need to be build. As you go through all the different levels in the game, you will be reaching levels 20 and up and that is when this guide will help you the most.

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