The Battlefield 4 Unlock Weapons locations guide will help you on finding all the different ones in the campaign more.

Battlefield 4 unlock weapons
Battlefield 4 unlock weapons

As you progress through the campaign you will be able to acquire Battlefield 4 unlock weapons locations by following the game guide below. Follow our game guide to get all the tips and tricks along with the strategy to help you unlock all the weapons in Battlefield 4.  There are a amount of weapons to unlock in each of the missions from the game, do take a loo at our complete Battlefield 4 Unlock Weapons Locations Guide to acquire all of them.

As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock the different weapons in four different ways:

1. Starting weapon
2. Dropped by the enemy
3. Placed in the Level Exploration
4. Unlock in the Level that you are

Any weapon that you unlock will be added to your arsenal and you can always select it by pressing the select button on your controller. Follow our complete game guide to help you unlock weapons and Assignments locations in the game.

TOC: Walkthrough, Review, Dog Tags Locations, Weapons and Assignments Locations

Baku Assignments and Weapons

Scar-H – Assault Riffle Type – acquire at the starting
M39 EMR – DMR Type – acquire at Exploration
MG4 – LMG Type – acquire at Exploration
CBJ-MS – PDW Type – acquire in exploration
CZ-805 – Assault Rifle type – acquire with Bronze Score
UTS-15 – Shotgun type – acquire with Silver Score
SVD-12 – DMR Type – acquire with Gold Score
SK-12 – Assault Rifle Type – Acquire by enemy dropping it

Shanghai Assignments and Weapons

UMP-45 – PDW Type – acquire at the start
MP412 REX – Pistol Type – acquire at start
RFB – DMR Type – acquire at exploration
FAMAS – Assault Riffle Type – Acquire with Bronze Score
SG553 – Carbine Type – Acquire with Silver Score
Scout Elite – Sniper Rifle type – Acquire with gold score
JS2 – PDW Type – Acquire by enemy dropping it
Hawk 12G – Shot Gun Type – Acquire by enemy dropping it
QBZ-95-1 – Assault Riffle Type – Acquire by enemy dropping it







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