The Guide will help you with gathering all the Battlefield 4 Dog Tags locations in the single player campaign.

Battlefield 4 Dog Tags Locations
Battlefield 4 Dog Tags Locations

Battlefield 4 Dog Tags locations can be found during the entire campaign as you will need to look out for them in each of the missions that you go through. You are able to gather all the different dog tags in the game by unlocking them as you find them. The easy way to spot the Dog Tags locations are the ones you will find that are stuck in walls by a knife. Our game guide will help you find all the dog tags in the game as you progress through your own single player campaign.

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Battlefield 4 Dog Tags Locations

Baku Mission Dog Tags Locations

1. The first dog tag named Nice play is located on a board during the tutorial

2. Second dog tag named One Way Trip is located over the C4 Tutorial room when you jump over the hole.

3. The sergeant Dunn is located inside the crashed helicopter on the Dunn is down scene

Shanghai Mission Dog Tags Locations

4. One Man Riot is located on the door where is a dead end by the transit street.

5. Going Up dog tag is located over the elevator at the beginning of the Lobby Assault

6. Business Casual dog tag is located in the back alley when you finish doing the tank chase.

South China Sea Dog Tags Locations

7. Carcharodon is located inside a cabin during the move to the medbay.

8. Lord of the waves is located by the rubble pile as you do the swimming trials.

9. Agent Kovic is located right inside the crashed as you do the helicopter battle.

Singapore Dog Tags Locations

10. Horizontal Rain is by the boat that is stranded by the beach.

11. Armored Column is behind a counter as you do the cafe scene in the game.

12. The Grounded Dog Tags can be found when you explore the plane on the door

Kunlun Mountains Dog Tags Locations

13. Cage Fighter is located in a cell when you are doing the breakout.

14. Freedom at any cost is located in the landing bay, second floor  by an electrical box

15. Shaw-Shanked Redemption dog tag is by the bridge encounter of the tran platform

Tashgar Dog Tags Locations

16. The Destruction Enthusiast dog tag is located on the bridge inside the truck.

17. Upstream Swimmer Dog Tag is located when you do the helicopter encounter and you jump from one container to another and one of them will have it.

 Suez Dog Tags Locations

18. The Rebel dog tab is located on the back of the plane, where you need to access the propeller to get to ti.

19. Fleet Guardian dog tab is located on a bed during the medbay scene

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