Batman Arkham Origins Review will show you how the the novice Batman becomes the Dark Knight.

Batman Arkham Origins Review
Batman Arkham Origins Review

Its starting point is simple: we go back in time to the early years of Batman (exactly what would be framed within the “Year 2” of comics), to show the night in which the masked hero went from righteous to Dark Knight . At this time, Batman has mastered the fight, has his first gadgets and not a clumsy escape … but there is still the ultimate test for consecrated as a hero, an act that puts even the justice on their side (at the beginning, we until the police against). That act is the adventure that raises Origins . 

The Beginning

The story begins in the middle of Christmas Eve, with the villain Black Mask offering 50 million dollars for the head of Batman. A sum attracts thugs, murderers and even the police, most corrupt, with SWAT to the head. And to make the bat out of his cave, are causing riots, which morally obliges Batman out, investigate what is happening and capture Black Mask. Well, actually that’s just the beginning: as in the films of Nolan , there are many twists, and when it seems that the adventure will end, picks revealing new surprises.

We will not say anything more about the plot but, no doubt, is the best of the game. And if you are someone who think that yes, we already know the origins of Batman for comics or movies or other games, it is certain that Origins makes his way, and does it very well. The presentation is gorgeous, 

When playing, the clearest reference is Arkham City . In fact, the basis of the game is very, very similar. We move freely through an enormous recreation of Gotham (much bigger than Arkham City), pulling the few clues we get to advance in the main story or fulfilling the enormous amount of secondary tasks and collectibles out there. Including the indicator in the top of the screen, showing the location of the next target is identical. 

Batman Arkham Origins Review
Batman Arkham Origins Review

Indeed, until the way forward for the city, and layer Batgarra pulling to plan, is spitting. Or indoors, using the hook to open certain grates, explosive gel to break the flimsy walls … And they are the only similarities : the combat system is very similar-an attack button, another break, another to use the layer , a room to dodge and ability to use the gadgets during combat-detective mode is still present to locate tracks, as the vast majority of gadgets seen in the previous game … In a sense, if you played Arkham City will see many familiar things .

And that is perhaps the only big “but” you have Origins , nothing ventured, not set off the road and try to go further. That’s not to say there are not new, there are, but their depth, the footprint that will leave, is lower. If we start fighting, the big news is the inclusion of two new types of enemies (the “armored” and martial arts experts), introducing new routines during fights. The rest, as the speed or experience system for skill points, is virtually identical.

If we continue down the detective mode , the main addition is that now we use it to solve murders. It is perhaps the coolest innovation as we look for clues into a crime scene and reconstruct the case. And when we say “rebuild” is that we see a 3D simulation can rewind and forward in search of new tracks. There are even murders outside the main story, as part of another optional task.

This other optional task is called ” System Dark Knight “, which is actually a set of challenges across four categories: Righteous in the shadows, Protector of Gotham, The Worst Nightmare and The world’s greatest detective. Each offers 15 extra challenges , ranging from making a dive from 25 meters to 20 critical hits deal for a combo or exceed predator scenario undetected. Completing these challenges gives extra experience, whilst, unlock some upgrades and skills we can acquire skill points.

Something similar happens with the skill system that we can “buy” in Arkham Origins . In many cases they are the same as in previous releases (4 levels to improve defense against bullets and beatings, longer smoke pellets …), although it has changed the presentation to make it a little more sense (even see a small animation that explains why he does what we just bought). And if we talk about the gadgets, more of the same: No big news, just variations on things we have already seen, as Deathstroke hook (for zip), with specific developments.

Batman Arkham Origins Review 3

As optional tasks, as happens a bit the same … Enigma returns with new challenges under the arm. But this time we must first locate the members of its network of extortionists, question them and then look for the pages of several reports. To access these pages must overcome the classic puzzle with switches, which make use of Batman’s gadgets and abilities. In total there are 200. But there’s more. Enigma also has a communication relay network that must be destroyed (they are as the previous security cameras Arkham ).

What’s more, Enigma is also related to another new game. And, since the map is bigger, has introduced a system of “quick trip” enter different areas of the map or the Batcave (using the Batwing or not we pilot Batala at any time). But to use this quick trip, we must first “release” a communication tower for each zone.

There are also street crime “dynamic” style Red Dead Redemption , which ocuren as we walk the streets and consist, for example, kill thugs who are looting a cashier. They are nothing to write home, but added to this, more collectibles as audiotapes or police reports, get the variety of things to do to skyrocket even more. And that we have not talked about the best optional task “most wanted”.

As we go in history, we will be adding villains to most wanted list, as Anarchy, The Penguin, Deadshot, The Hatter, Shiva or Bird (one of the minions of Bane). Each presents different tasks, such as the Penguin, which must destroy weapons boxes or Shiva, which invites us to save the lives of several innocent before you can deal with it or, in the case of Anarchy, reach a point of the city before it explodes a bomb to clear it. Some are “repetitive” as destroying Bird Poison drums, but overall, fattening the game and extend its life considerably.

Also included are more new elements such as the Batcave , which is brilliantly recreated and from which we can see the batordenador at specific times or chat with Alfred . In fact, the relationship between Alfred and Batman is another interesting element of the plot, and the prospect that throws is at least interesting. But, without doubt, the best of Batcave is the combat simulator . We go to him whenever we want and as we move into the story, you unlock new evidence (all give us experience).

In fact, the tests have a scoring system that rewards us with 1, 2 or 3 trophies, as our actions (usually have 3 flights of punctuation or 3 targets). Completing all the 3 trophies also helps to achieve 100% of the game and above all, to conseuir the necessary skills to face the higher difficulty modes, as the brutal ” I Am The Night “, which we can not keep the game and only have one life. Imagine how is the body if clapping after 8 hours of departure and having to start again from the beginning.

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And that we have not talked about multiplayer, another novelty of Origins , that elapses from a third person perspective. Give duels for 8 players , divided into two groups of 3 (thugs and Bane The Joker) and a two consists of Batman and Robin . These should bully the bullies and win the game by completing its indicator. Meanwhile, the thugs win if annihilate rival gang / heroes and fill the corresponding indicator (master certain areas helps to climb faster).

Each side has its own abilities, gadgets and weapons and so, for example, Batman and Robin have their gadgets (explosive gel, batgarra …) and their ability to stealth. Meanwhile, the thugs have various weapons (some with improved versions we unlock when you level) and skills make the enemies to detect your position that can handle remote and is heavily armed.

And there’s more: a mid-game, one lucky player of thugs sides can exchange their character by the leader of his party, Bane or The Joker , and use their greater power to swing the game. All washed down with cosmetic customization options, levels, experience and … well, normal in the genre. But the problem is that there is only one game mode and four maps, leaving the impression of being somewhat limited. But hey, better than nothing. Mind you, we could not prove it because while this analysis was conducted servers were empty (the game was not on sale), so we do not know if it goes well or if there is lag or some other problem.

From the technical standpoint, Origins stays true style of the series. Very good models and light effects (shadows may be even better) and in general, the atmosphere is simply superb. But it is also true that the version we have analyzed ( PS3 ), a problem that was not so evident in previous installments. And, on the outside, on special occasions, the game sputters and slows down for a few moments.

Perhaps his greatest flaw is this, that even in the technical goes further. Warner Bros. Montreal has used the tools of Rocksteady and it seems that there is further refined. We insist, the biggest problem with Origins is that Arkham City was already very good and is not easy to overcome. Especially if you consider that Warner Bros Montreal did not want (or have) away from that concept and change it with new weight much, I guess for fear of “damaging” the saga. Still, the story is excellent (with some memorable moments), the setting superb and clashes with some memorable bosses (like Dragonfly or Bane), of which you will see nothing in this analysis not ruin surprises.

Batman Arkham Origins Review

The gameplay is still very strong, even if you know the series well, you will have many “déjà vu”, many feelings of “I’ve played it.” Have you heard that Batman fall poisoned? Or you visit a dream world? Or to follow traces of blood in detective mode? These are just some examples, but it’s like they had caught some of the most memorable pieces from previous Arkham and had recycled into this new story. Nor is it excessive, but … there they are.

If you forgive him these details, enjoy an engaging adventure from beginning to end, which is amusing and convincing in technical and so playable. Just have the feeling, if he had introduced some new heavier, perhaps, would be talking about another masterpiece to add to the catalog of this generation. So, just lay on an outstanding game … which is not anything.


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